Motivational lecture:



Join Mogens on a spellbindingly adventurous journey to the absolute top of the world, the summit of Mount Everest.


It was meant to be the ultimate challenge which it was... and then some!!


In 2004/5, Mogens cycled and ran 11.500 km from Viborg, Denmark to Mount Everest Basecamp, Tibet.


Here after, Everest was majestically awaiting him in the distance.


Mogens had the desire to prove that even the summit of Everest wasn’tbeyond the potential of an asthmatic.


Follow the immense hardship and many adventures that cycling and running 11.500 through 13 countries, some as daunting as Iran and Pakistan, inevitably brings.


Undoubtedly, here imagination surpasses reality.


A journey on the edge of what is humanly possible, and on the edge of life.


Everest 2007


May 22, 2007 06.30 am, Mogens stood on the summit of Mount Everest


A long and exhausting journey had finally reached its climax.


Hear Mogens tell about the 70 day expedition, where the difference between success and failure, life and death walks hand in hand, and where even the slightest faactor decides the outcome.


To climb the highest mountain in the world demands a tremendous mental and physical strength like nothing else you can imagine. Here, only the bold one is let in and only the humble returns.


It sure is cold on the top…

but the view is awe-inspiring!!




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