About Mogens

Kjæmpe Jensen


Mogens Kjæmpe Jensen is an adventurer, a professional mountaineer, an asthmatic, a former triathlete for the Danish National Team……and a school teacher. Mogens is a well-balanced person who loves to challenge himself to the limit of his potential.


"We as humans can achieve the impossible

if we are ready to attain the incredible”


In 2004/2005, Mogens bicycled and ran from Denmark to Mount Everest basecamp at an altitude of 5100 meters. A strenuous trip of 11.500 kilometers through 13 countries which he covered in a 100 days. No other person in the world has achieved this before. Here after, he made an attempt at climbing Everest without supplementary oxygen as the first asthmatic to pass on the message to the world that even an asthmatic can attend an audience with the world’s absolute top. Unfortunately, he had to turn around just 350 meters from the top due to frostbite. The year after, Mogens returned to Everest but was hit by acute mountain sickness at 8000 meters.


"Fall 7 times, stand up 8" is what Mogens swears by.


Therefore, with his mental resistance and enviable ability to find solutions and see possibilities in even the most extreme situations, Mogens returned with his indomitable will and unbendable faith and on May 22, 2007, he stood on the top of the world - the top of the highest mountain in the world, Everest.


As the first Dane, Mogens has also climbed the world's 6th highest mountain Cho Ouy at 8.201 meters.


“To go out and up to ultimately look deep down within yourself”; personal evolvement of the outmost dimensions has been one of the driving forces for Mogens. He is driven by a wonder and a curiosity to learn as much about himself, to become completely vulnerable and reach for the ultimate goal. Thus, meet a human being who does things completely and utterly and reaches for the top in all aspects - “The sky is not the limit !”.



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