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about Mogens...


Lars Fournais, 

CEO at Brødrene Dahl A/S

"Through the last couple of years, I have experienced Mogens at different occasions. Mogens is a deeply inspiring and very different lecturer, instigator, motivator and coach who plays along. Mogens has extremely high personal ambitions and has set himself goals which are so high that others would find them unattainable. Not Mogens, though. He has the ability to have visions and to set himself goals and follow through in a disciplined manner, and this is what Mogens has the ability to pass on in his Lectures and séances. Therefore, Mogens is an incredible force and motivator in connection with the development of business- and team cultures.”


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Tina Houlberg,

Marketing Manager, Ezenta A/S

Any business corporation which needs a dynamic motivator, new energy and a focus on how to move boarders for one's own ability will benefit from a visit from Mogens Jensen. 

With his very lively lecture, Mogens spell bounds and surprises his audience and naturally moves most of them to the edge of their seat. 

Mogens is a living example of Disney’s favorite saying: “If you dream it, you can do it! and I give him my best recommendations...

Now we dare to aim high at Tax Center Middelfart.


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Helle Middelhede Lykke,

Tax Center Middelfart

We had invited mountaineer Mogens Jensen to give us a lecture in May 2008.

As a workplace we had been through 2½ years of merger, changing work methods, several internal repositionings, lots of new colleagues, and to top it all, big cuts in budget.


We wanted to learn from Mogens how we could dare to aim high to reach new hights. To make us aware of how big an influence we have in our perception of our jobs and our colleagues.


While, also wanted to hear about all the incredible adventures and experiences Mogens has had in his life so far.


We were very excited, and we were not disappointed.

It may not be necessary to set the bar at climbing Mount Everest, however  but I can find my own Everests in life. It brings joy to big goals and milestones on the journey. We can put many bars in private life, at work and socially. It is a very present activity to find and set the bar. It is feasible. Go on, try it.

Mogens' lecture is very varied between concentration, exercises, laughs and fascination of what goals a human being can set and achieve.

What met us from the word go was an amazing energy bundle with a tremendous joy of life. Mogens' liveliness and presence is second to none. When experiencing Mogens in his lecture, you are automatically forced to take your own life into consideration. To evaluate whether you can raise the bar even higher and pursue those goals.

We give Mogens our warmest recommendations. Thank you for a great lecture.


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Sparekassen i Skals

What a story. What an adventure. What a challenge of body and mind.

And what an ability to both being able to tell about the journey to the world's highest peak, so the small hairs on the neck are stretched by pure and simple empathy by everyone in the audience, and to tell and disseminate morals and key points with energy, humor, charm, knowledge, depth and effect, so that beyond any doubt everyone had something to take home- regardless of it being a flat field- or Sky Mountain.

Mogens, we lie flat on our bellies in admiration and we thank you for the enrichment you gave us that night. You contain a lot that is worth taking into consideration.


In September, 2008, Sparekassen i Skals has had the pleasure of experiencing Mogens Jensen, professional mountaineer, triathlete, peptalker, teacher etc, at a lecture for our representatives.

To hear what Mogens has to say can be strongly recommended to anyone.

Mogens is an amazing storyteller, who manages to tie us all to the incredible story about the, at first sight, almost impossible goal which turns out to be the ultimate success in the end.

Mogens doesn’t just know how to do things. He had also done it!!


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Den Jydske Sparekasse

Mogens spices the story with great professionalism which makes the entire experience even more credible.

Mogens manages to make everyone laugh, but also to take our breath away when we see the slideshow that beautifully ties the red thread throughout the lecture.


Finally, Mogens draws many relevant parallels from the story to the reality we face every day at work. A reflection that not only leaves you with the impression of a story very well told, but also that you obtain tools for use in your daily life at work.


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You are captured by both the fantastic story and the passionate way it is presented. Mogens is also very skilled in drawing parallels to other situations and spheres. At the same time you are excited and humbled.

Too cool for words !!


Mogens Jensen . - 2762 3267